Great Big Potted Plants natural Compost Extract

Easy-to-use Supplement for Hard-to-Reach Soil

Potted plants and container plants, whether indoor or outdoor, all share a common challenge. They live in a relatively small, finite amount of soil. Unlike plants living in the ground, potted plants cannot continuously extend their roots to find nutrients and minerals. Therefore, it is crucial that the soil in the root zone of your potted plants be rich and balanced with nutrients, organic matter and beneficial microbes.

Unfortunately, supplementing the container soil with traditional compost is a big stinky mess. That’s why Great Big Potted Plants Natural Compost Extract was developed to act as a super compost in the plant root zone, but in an easy-to-use liquid concentrate.

One quart of will make 8 gallons of liquid compost. Simply add one half ounce of our concentrate to a pint of water and apply to the soil around the base of the plant. Use less on smaller containers and more on larger containers. Apply every two weeks.


When you use Great Big Potted Plants Natural Compost Extract to condition your container soil, you will enjoy:

  • Healthier, more vigorous plant appearance.
  • Longer life for your plants.
  • Reduced plant disease.
  • Helps prevent and overcomes the problems of root-bound plants.
  • Less need for re-potting of plants.
  • Organic certified product.

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Why do I need Great Big Potted Plants Natural Compost Extract?

New plantings arrive in soil that is severely lacking in proper soil ecology components – beneficial microbes, micronutrients and bioavailable carbon. This significantly reduces your plants’ ability to absorb nutrients and makes the soil more susceptible to disease. Our natural compost extract inoculates your soil with beneficial microbes and bioavailable carbon and micronutrients in the root zone for immediate plant benefit. Use our natural compost extract to minimize transplant shock, growth lag time and new plant mortality.

Mature potted plants, trees and shrubs continuously consume the soil’s supply of carbon and micronutrients. While potted plants are consuming water, plant nutrients and trace minerals daily, most potted plants are fed only water and regular fertilizer. Eventually, potted plants and container plants can become deficient in required nutrients as the soil’s supply is exhausted. Untreated, this not only creates a deficiency that degrades plant health, but also upsets the soil ecology leading to poor water retention, fertilizer leaching and increased disease pressure. Use Great Big Potted Plants Natural Compost Extract to replenish your soil to ensure vigorous growth and healthy looking plants.

How does it work?

Great Big Potted Plants Natural Compost Extract provides benefits in many ways. It is designed to improve the soil where it matters most – in the plant’s root zone. It flows to the root zone upon application where it establishes and/or replenishes the population of beneficial microorganisms, provides trace amounts of minor nutrients, dozens of micronutrients and minerals, and provides carbon (in the form of humic acid) as a food source to new and existing microorganisms. Humic acid also helps the plant uptake micronutrients and improves the soil’s carbon to nitrogen ratio, thereby helping the plant uptake nitrogen. Kelp is known to be a microbe food and a source of micronutrients and is believed to be a source of plant growth hormones such as gibberellins, cytokinins and auxins.

How do I use this product?

Combine our Great Big Potted Plants Natural Compost Extract with water at the rate of one ounce of concentrate per quart of water. Use one pint of mixture per medium sized plant. Drench the soil around the base of the plant or use as a root dip for new plantings. (see below) After the initial drenching or root dip it is best to apply our Natural Compost Extract twice a month during the growing season and monthly thereafter. One quart will make 8 gallons of ready-to-use liquid compost, equal to 64 pint-sized doses. Use less on small plants and more on large plants, shrubs and trees. It is okay to add traditional N-P-K fertilizer to the soil at the same time, but we recommend using a little less than usual.

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