Make Your Soil Rose Ready

  • Increased bud set, better size and color on blooms.
  • Longer bloom cycles and longer shelf life in displays
  • Provide ingredients missing from popular fertilizers.
  • Proven to help fertilizer work better.

1 Quart – $19.95

($7.00 S&H)

One quart makes 8 gallons, enough for 64 pint-size doses.

How Does It Work?

Great Big Roses improves soil conditions and converts and hold fertilizer in the soil for absorption by roots. Rose bushes will thrive and produce more buds with longer bloom cycles.

“I applied your Great Big Roses product to my rose bushes in Arizona. This is what they look like after ONE application. All the neighbors are amazed. It is the most fabulous fertilizer I have EVER used!”

– Mary in Arizona