Grow More Tomatoes Per Plant

  • Helps plants grow more tomatoes
  • Creates optimal soil ecology that allows plants to direct energy to growth and fruit development
  • Ingredients are bioavailable for immediate effect
  • Proven to help fertilizer work better

1 Quart – $19.95

($7.00 S&H)

Feeds up to 8 tomato plants with 64 pint size doses.

How Does It Work?

Great Big Tomatoes Plant Food helps tomato plants direct more energy to blossoming and fruit development by ensuring that the soil ecology in the root zone is optimal. Great Big Tomatoes enhances nutrient update, encourages root growth and helps beneficial soil microbes flourish.

“I religiously use Great Big Tomatoes and from four tomato plants, I harvested over 500 tomatoes. I have canned, frozen, pureed, made salsa and relish and served fresh with meals until my kitchen reeks of cooked tomatoes, yummmmm. I just ordered another two bottles for next spring and some other great stuff for my trees and shrubs. You guys really got it right. I will NEVER, NEVER, EVER use any kind of fertilizer on my garden except Great Big Tomatoes. Thanks so much for coming up with a product that actually works helps produce tomatoes the size of baseballs (and bigger).”

– Judy Olson, Rich Hill, MO