We have asked master gardener Jim Mast to share his tomato growing experience from seedlings to final fruit. Here is his first post as he gets his tomato seed sprouting process together.

It’s time to get some green growing, so we’ll start the tomatoes. I brought in all the supplies from the garage and lined them up: small portable table, plant trays, Grow Light System, heating mat, timer for the lights, Jiffy pellets, labels, Great Big Plants liquid compost, Cow Pots for later, watering can, and, of course, some seeds. I need to set up in a warm, easily accessible location, so after some discussion and trial and error I settled on the guest bedroom. Looks like we’re ready to go. Any overnight guests are going to have to reside in the tomato nursery.
Contributed by Jim Mast

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Gathering supplies needed to start tomato seeds.