Coachella, CA (bell pepper & tomato grower)
“With GBP we get better water penetration and less run off with our drip irrigated crops. Because of this we see better uniformity.”

Fresno, CA (tomato grower)
“We used GBP with fertilizer to help buffer the salts on sodic soil. The treated tomato plants were greener and more vigorous, while the untreated were salt stressed.”

Laguna Beach, CA (rose grower)
“We started using GBP for our roses a while back. Since then, we have achieved much richer color and stronger plants, so much so they we were recognized by the City of Laguna Beach!”

Cutler CA (citrus grower)
“Great Big Plants goes right to work and does a good job of freeing up micronutrients in higher pH soils. It takes care of a lot of the hidden hunger that plant’s have.”

Turlock CA (corn & almond grower)
“With the use of GBP, my crops are greener and show a little more growth.”

Turlock, CA (almond grower)
“Before the use of GBP I was mowing my orchards every two weeks. After the use of GBP I have to mow every 10 days and had to drop a gear.”

Visalia CA (walnut & grape grower)
“I find that my trees and vines have a deeper green color and more vigorous growth.”

Squaw Valley, CA (tree fruit & grape grower)
“GBP gives me good tree health and vigor which contributes to better size and quality. This adds to my bottom line.”

Ivanhoe, CA (plum & nectarine grower)
“GBP helps to break down organic matter in the soil. I’ve seen better Color, Vigor and Growth where supplemental organic matter has been applied.”

Madera, CA (grape & almond grower)
“GBP is an excellent manure and compost replacement. It is weed seed free, guaranteed pathogen free and drip/micro irrigation safe. The liquid nature of GBP allows for ease of application with liquid fertilizers.”

Burley, ID (sugarbeet & potato grower)
“We get faster more uniform emergence and less crusting on our Sugarbeets. Stand is everything when it comes to yield and quality potential.”

Pocatello, ID (potato grower)
“GBP is a product with live bacteria that helps the soil profile to enhance the release of soil nutrients; which will give the soil better tilth, also the bateria will work on organic matter to break it down.”

Kerrville, TX (home gardener)
“I am thankful that I found such a great product that does what you claimed it would do. If you ever have any good sales promotions on Great Big Plants, please let me know!”

Western Farm Service PCA (grower)
“Great Big Plants provides the basic foundation to my post-fumigation process. Every grower who has used it has liked the results! We’ve used the product on every soil type and haven’t seen any burning or adverse affects. Growers are ‘results-oriented’ and they’ve seen increased yields, larger flowers, larger berries, continuous shoot formation, improved post-harvest quality and haven’t experienced any ‘bronzing’ while their neighbors have. Growers are continuously coming up to me and asking me what their neighbors are using that has their plants producing so much! Great Big Plants is the most important product we can use following fumigation and it’s now a regular part of my program with growers.”

Rocha Brothers LLC (grower)
“After using Great Big Plants, I didn’t have a severe drop-off in my in between crops and I’m seeing steady production throughout the season. I notice a higher incidence of larger fruit compared to medium-sized berries that I saw before I began using this product. Even with the late rains we had this year, we’re harvesting more fruit in a shorter period of time. I’m probably going to get 800 to 1,000 more crates per acre and end up with more than 7,000 crates per acre this year. This is my second year using Great Big Plants and I’m very happy with the results I’ve seen and will be using it again after fumigating this fall.”

Anna’s Farm (grower)
“All of my grower friends come by and compliment me on the appearance of my fields. I’m currently in between crops and harvesting about 300 crates per week while some of my neighbors are only harvesting 100 to 200 crates. My crop came in two weeks earlier than everyone else and I’m seeing larger, firmer fruit, more uniform growth and fewer diseases now. I reduced my fungicide expenses this year. I estimate that I will end up with over 1,500 crates per acre more than normal by season’s end and the only difference has been the addition of Great Big Plants to my standard program. I’m convinced this product is the reason I’ve seen an increase in production and I’ll be using it on my entire farm next year.”