I have not mentioned in previous blogs that I am also growing four tomato plants at our other home in Clarkdale, AZ (elevation 3545 ft). These plants were put in at the same time as the Flagstaff plants (early May) but are growing in the ground rather than in containers. They are in front of the porch and have a northern exposure to create a cooler microclimate at this hotter elevation which is on average 15 degrees warmer than Flagstaff. They also receive extra rain water from a down spout directed toward them.


Varieties are “Celebrity,” “Brandywine,” and “Big Beef.”  The feeding regimen has been the same as in Flagstaff: Algoflash tomato fertilizer once a week and Great Big Tomatoes liquid compost every other week.  This is the second season of using Great Big Tomatoes on this plot, and the results have been dramatic. The plants are lush and tall (7ft, 8in measured on September 1.)   All have produced larger, more numerous fruit and were able to survive a heat wave in June.


Contributed by Jim Mast