About Great Big Plants, LLC

Healthy Plants grow in Healthy Soil!

The mission of Great Big Plants, LLC is to help the home gardener be successful by offering soil and plant fertility products that work to improve soil and plant performance. We believe in sustainable growing methods, at home and on the farm. We use natural ingredients and get our products certified for organic growing whenever possible.
Our products are based on fundamental soil science concepts:

  • Plants need nutrients that are bio available, or as we say “root-ready”. Any nutrients included in our products are either in a bio available form ready for root uptake, or can easily be converted by soil microorganisms to be root-ready.
  • Carbon in the soil needs to be replenished and is essential for nutrient uptake. It is widely accepted that the carbon content of soil is a major factor in its overall health. Carbon helps soil microorganisms thrive, improves soil structure and assists in nutrient uptake by the plant. The humic acid in our products is an excellent way to replenish or boost carbon in garden soil. 
  • Plants need ingredients missing from most fertilizers. We supply the missing ingredients that help plants grow bigger and perform better. Our line of products include uncommon, but essential ingredients such as bio available nutrients, trace minerals, carbon and beneficial microorganisms.


20 years ago, BioScientific, Inc. (BioSci), parent company to Great Big Plants, LLC, recognized that commercial growers needed an easy-to-apply alternative to compost and manure. BioSci developed a unique liquid compost that could be applied to the field through regular or drip irrigation, alone or with N-P-K inputs. With cumulative production now over twenty million gallons, this liquid compost has been used year after year by all kinds of growers and on all kinds of crops. Users include growers for food companies such as Dole, Blue Diamond, Del Monte and Anheuser-Busch. Developed from these tried and true formulations, Great Big Plants Natural Compost Extract was created in 2006 to offer home gardeners the same quality product for use in their own gardens.

Since then, other formulations of our natural compost extract were introduced and we continue to add products for the home gardener from our agricultural line and from our own product development efforts.

We manufacture our products in the USA. Our products are environmentally safe, biodegradable and are not tested on animals.