Great Big Tomatoes
Natural Compost Extract

Great Big Tomatoes Natural Compost Extract is specially designed to improve the health and performance of both plant and soil.

With regular treatments of our foolproof proprietary blend your plants will produce bigger, tastier, and more plentiful tomatoes – with minimal effort from you!

Great Big Tomatoes delivers benefits through several unique mechanisms.

Your soil works best when it contains living microbes which perform vital functions for your plants roots and ability to take in nutrition.

Great Big Tomatoes contains a proprietary blend of carefully selected beneficial microbes in order to maximize the synergy between your plants roots and the soil. These work to convert nutrients that are otherwise ‘locked’ in a form your plant can’t access, into a readily available food source. Included is a specially designed fermented biotic to boost these microbe populations throughout your plants life.

In addition to thriving soil ecology, Great Big Tomatoes includes humic acids, seaweed extract, and several micronutrients and minerals that are often left out of traditional N-P-K fertilizers. This adresses and solves the ‘Law of the Minimum’ which states that your plant growth is limited by it’s least available nutrient. Great Big Tomatoes fills in these nutritional gaps and ensures maximized growth potential.

  • 100% Bioavailable, starts working the instant you apply it.
  • Liquid formulation penetrates to the root-zone to immediately deliver benefits.
  • Better blossoms and a much higher fruit yield.
  • Bright, mouth-watering tomatoes bursting with improved flavor profiles.
  • Stronger, more disease-resistant plants.
  • Increased tolerance to drought and cold.
  • Roots absorb nutrients more efficiently, greatly improving fertilizer uptake.
  • Enhanced living soil ecology, maximizes potential for plant growth.
  • Registered Organic Input, no chemicalized components means fresh healthy produce for you and your loved ones.
  • Safe for use in gardens with pets.

Using Great Big Tomatoes Natural Compost Extract is simple, and economic.

Simply add 4 ounces of the product into 1 gallon of water and apply about a pint of mixture around the base of your plant. Or for single doses, mix 1 tablespoon into 1 pint of water and feed as normal.

Plants should be treated with Great Big Tomatoes every other week through the duration of the grow.

One quart of concentrate will make 8 gallons of ready to use product, equal to 64 pint-sized feedings – enough to feed 4 tomato plants through an entire season!

Beautiful Cherokee Purple Tomatoes grown out of Southern California using Great Big Tomatoes

Images of the same tomato plant in San Clemente, California before and after the addition of Great Big Tomatoes Natural Compost Extract.

Arizona Master Gardener “Tomato Jim” with his 6 foot tomato plants – Grown on his balcony in containers, courtesy of Great Big Tomatoes!

Tomato Jim showing off his giant balcony tomato plants, grown solely in containers with soil and Great Big Tomatoes Natural Compost Extract!


Great Big Tomatoes is easy to use!

Unlike top-dressing fertilizers, Great Big Tomatoes liquid formula flows directly to the root-zone providing immediate benefit!

Great Big Tomatoes, 1 Quart


Great Big Tomatoes, 1 Gallon

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Great Big Tomatoes 2.5 Gallon

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Great Big Tomatoes 5 Gallons (2 x 2.5 Gallon Bottles)

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“I am a dentist and master gardener in Flagstaff. I received a bottle of your Great Big Tomatoes product as a gift a few weeks ago. I am somewhat of a tomato expert here and teach classes on the subject and have been very impressed with your product. My tomatoes have never looked better. I estimate that the plants are 50% larger this year with more fruit and the only thing different is that I used your product.”

"Tomato Jim" Mast

Master Gardener, Az

“I religiously used Great Big Tomatoes and from four tomato plants, I harvested over 500 tomatoes. I have canned, frozen, pureed, made salsa and relish and served fresh with meals until my kitchen reeks of cooked tomatoes, yummmmm. I just ordered another two bottles for next spring and some other great stuff for my trees and shrubs. You guys really got it right. I will NEVER, NEVER, EVER use any kind of fertilizer on my garden except Great Big Tomatoes. Thanks so much for coming up with a product that actually works and helps produce tomatoes the size of baseballs (and bigger).”


Rich Hill, Mo

“I have a Great Big Tomatoes story for you. I started my plants from seed in my laundry room back in the winter and they grew and grew and grew and were leggy and pitiful looking. I planted them sideways with just the top leaves showing in June and I must say I had some surprised visitors to my garden for weeks. They looked at me with wonder and must have thought I didn’t know what I was doing. Actually, I didn’t know what I was doing. I finally fed them with ½ cup of Great Big Tomatoes in each planter and the next week they were tomato bushes. Another feeding and they doubled in size. Great Big Tomatoes did the trick and I am thrilled.”


Flagstaff, Az

“I used your liquid compost last year and it was awesome. In fact, I have become known as quite a container gardener. I won a contest at Harris Seeds last year for my ‘urban’ tomato garden. Most days when I am outside working with the plants people just stop by and ask me all about my set up. You have a great product and I hope you enjoy the picture.”



“[Great Big Tomatoes] is worth it’s weight in gold. I just need to expand the number of plants I have, every time I try and retire this 2-year-old plant, it blooms more tomatoes! I can’t buy the store-bought tomatoes any more because they lack flavor. Great Big Tomatoes proves that if you love your soil, tomato plants will produce fruit bursting with flavor! Increased yields with less effort!”

Rob Brack

Entrepreneur, @artmarketer