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What Are The Benefits Of Using Compost

Whether one has a green thumb or is a complete gardening novice, everyone agrees that compost is a “good thing”. At the same time, very few of us are aware of the specific compost benefits to our garden soil.

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Why Plants Need More Than Fertilizer

One of the best ways to make deposits of a wide variety of nutrients into the Soil Bank is to use compost in your garden. It helps soil structure and porosity (improves aeration) and includes beneficial microorganisms.

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What Is Humic Acid

What Is Humic Acid? While humic acid is still a relatively new concept to those not professionally involved in agriculture and gardening and is not widely available except through Internet or direct mail outlets.

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Your Garden

Tree & Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs need the same things in the root zone as plants do. Problem is, it’s often harder to add fertilizer and supplements for well-established shrubs and trees.

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Rose & Flower

We all want lush foliage and lots of big, colorful blooms from our roses and flowers, but how do we get there? Care and feeding is the answer. These plant types, roses especially, are considered heavy feeders.

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Manure Alternative

In spite of the smell and mess, people add manure to their garden soil or on top their lawns because they believe it is a natural and traditional way to improve soil.

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Hydroponics Gardening

Growing plants in hydroponics systems can be very rewarding – higher yields and year round production no matter what the weather is outside. Unfortunately, the learning curve can be steep.

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Growing Tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes If you find growing tomatoes to be challenging, you are not alone. Some gardeners seem to really struggle with growing tomatoes, while others end up supplying the whole neighborhood.

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Organic Gardening

Our country was founded on organic farming and gardening. These days, organic gardening is pursued by many home gardeners as a way to reduce toxicity in their gardens and food supply.

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Research & Articles

Great Big Plants Outperforms. Summary of results of 2012 Fresno State tests on organic bell peppers and basil.

3 Keys to Healthy Plants. Important facts about why soil health and vitality affect plant growth and production.

Humates in Agriculture by Michael Karr, Ph.D. on the various beneficial effects of humic acid on soil and plant growth.

Nitrogen Sources for Organic Vegetable Crops by Gaskill and Smith includes discussion of the importance of the carbon to nitrogen ratio (C:N) in the ability of the plants to uptake nitrogen and describes how microorganisms convert nutrients into a bioavailable form for plants.