Darn Good Fertilizer

6-5-5 Plus calcium, magnesium, mycorrhiza and more. All natural, dry mix.

Darn Good Fertilizer is a natural, all-purpose fertilizer suitable for both organic and non-organic gardening. Darn Good Fertilizer is unique among organic fertilizers in that it contains both quick release and slow release sources of nitrogen (N). This provides for an immediate benefit to plants, trees, and shrubs by providing available N at the time of application. Equally important is the continual availability of the slower release forms of N-P-K during the entire growing season. Unlike chemical fertilizers that are likely to leach away from the plant, Darn Good Fertilizer’s physical composition allows it to stay in the root zone longer. When used in combination with Great Big Plants Natural Compost Extract, the soil is restored to an optimal ecology of N-P-K, bio available carbon, minor nutrients, trace minerals and beneficial microbes. New and mature plants show a distinctive, visual response within days.

Ingredients and Purpose:

N-P-K (6-5-5): A balanced blend of the three major nutrients required for healthy plants. Nitrogen provides plants with the ability to produce more chlorophyll, which in turn allows plants to grow quickly. Phosphorous (P) aids in root development and increases flowering ability and bloom size. Potash or Potassium (K) guards the plant against diseases and aids in drought protection and cold tolerance. It also serves a role in improving root development and helps in the process of photosynthesis.

Calcium (6%): Essential for cell wall development and growth, enzyme activity, and metabolism.

Magnesium (1%): A part of the chlorophyll in all green plants and essential for photosynthesis. It also helps activate many plant enzymes needed for growth.

Sulfur (2%): Essential for production of protein, enzymes and vitamins in plants.

Humic acid (3%): Improves the physical and chemical profile of the soil for increased fertility. It also boosts the carbon in the soil and enhances the carbon to nitrogen ratio which facilitates nitrogen uptake by plants.

Kelp (1%): Rich in plant growth compounds, micronutrients, amino acids and vitamins.

Endomychorrhizae (150 viable spores per lb.): A beneficial soil fungus that colonizes the plant root in a symbiotic relationship to assist the plant in nutrient uptake.


Apply every two months throughout the growing season. Work fertilizer into soil and water thoroughly. For best results use Great Big Plants Natural Compost Extract when watering after fertilizer applications.

NEW PLANTINGS: Mix in 1½ cups per 10 sq. feet of growing area, or 6 cups per 50 feet of planting row. If in containers or pots, use ½ cup per ½ cubic foot (approx. 5 gallons) of potting soil.

ESTABLISHED PLANTS: Use 1 cup per 10 sq. feet of growing area, or 3 cups for every 50 feet of row. If in containers or pots, use ¼ cup per 5 gallons of potting medium.