Darn Good Fertilizer

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Darn Good Fertilizer is a natural, all-purpose fertilizer suitable for both organic and non-organic gardening. Darn Good Fertilizer is unique among organic fertilizers in that it contains both quick release and slow release sources of nitrogen (N). This provides for an immediate benefit to plants, trees, and shrubs by providing available N at the time of application. Equally important is the continual availability of the slower release forms of N during the entire growing season. Unlike chemical fertilizers that are likely to leach away from the plant, Darn Good Fertilizer’s physical composition allows it to stay in the root zone longer. When used in combination with Great Big Plants Organic Liquid Compost, the soil is restored to an optimal ecology of N-P-K, bio-available carbon, minor nutrients, trace minerals and beneficial microbes. New and mature plants show a distinctive, visual response within days.