zkimKim E. has picked the last of her Cucumber varieties, and they look delicious! She has enjoyed rapid and healthy root and plant growth through the season, thanks to Great Big Plants Compost Extract.zzz

She also has sent us the progress pictures of her Purple Cherokee heirloom tomatoes, and we couldn’t be more excited for (or envious of) her!


All too often store bought tomatoes lack flavor due to their low genetic diversity/ uniformity. In the process of naturally selecting the plants that grew the roundest and reddest fruits, much of the flavor was inadvertently lost.

These Heirloom tomatoes that Kim grew were both gorgeous and tasty. The ample amount of humic and fulvic acids, along with the addition of microbial life, supercharged her plants’ nutrient uptake and growth. She was achieved these results without adding synthetic fertilizers or chemical loaded nutrients which tend to kill soil life and diminish future yields.                                screenshot_20160726-153736_1kime-big-ones

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