Ancient Humate Dry-Blend

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Ancient Humate Dry-Blend is an all-natural soil amendment designed to improve soil structure, provide a source of nutrients and micro-nutrients and encourage soil microorganism populations. Our humates are mined from a deposit of dark coal like material formed from decomposed ancient rainforests. Registered Organic Input Material, Sourced Naturally.

A long lasting source of slow-release plant nutrients, plus microbe food and humic acids.

Ancient Humate Dry-Blend improves soil structure, provides a source of slow-release nutrients, and micro-nutrients.

Also boosts nutrient uptake by plant roots, feeds and builds beneficial microbe populations which encourage root growth.

Ingredients: Humate chips, feather meal, shrimp shell meal, kelp and broad spectrum trace minerals.

This unique soil builder is a great addition to garden soil, container plant soil and turf. Our organic certified, granular mix includes:

Humate chips: Humic and fulvic acids in chip form to improve soil structure and enhance micro-nutrient uptake.

Feather meal and Shrimp Shell Meal: Provides slow-release nitrogen and a food source for beneficial microbes.

Kelp (Ascophyllum Nodosum): Provides plant nutrients, and a food source for beneficial microbes.

Azomite: Provides a broad spectrum of micro-nutrients and trace minerals to help plants solve the Law of the Minimum.

Mix into soil before planting or till into soil annually. Add Ancient Humate Dry-Blend to soil at the rate of ½ cup per 5 gallons (2/3 cubic foot) of soil.

Add to garden beds at the rate of 3 to 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet; turned into beds annually.

For turf, apply as a broadcast 10 to 15 pounds per 1,000 square feet every two years.

Enhance results by following with Great Big Plants Natural Compost Extract.