Organic Vegetable Garden Combo


1 Gallon of Great Big Plants Compost Extract
3.5 lbs of Darn Good Fertilizer
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Quit Starving Your Organic Vegetable Garden!

It’s true. Many organic vegetable gardens are starving for nutrients. You may ask, “How can this be? I applied plenty of compost and organic fertilizers.” The answer is nutrient availability.

Nutrients in chemical fertilizers are bio-available to plants sooner, while organic fertilizers have a delayed effect due to their need for natural decomposition. For example, manure can take up to five years to fully release nutrients. Although chemical fertilizers offer a quick fix, they also quickly leach through the soil and out of the root zone (and into the water supply). Most organic sources of nutrients have the benefit of staying in the root zone longer to feed the plant later in the growth cycle, but unfortunately also take longer to become bio-available to the plant. To solve this dilemma, Great Big Plants is offering the Organic Vegetable Garden Combo.

Use this unique combination of nitrogen fertilizer and organic compost extract for superior results:Darn Good Fertilizer + Great Big Plants Natural Compost Extract

The combination of Darn Good Fertilizer with Great Big Plants Natural Compost Extract enhances vegetable garden soil to create an optimal ecology of N-P-K, bioavailable carbon, minor nutrients, trace minerals and beneficial microbes.

Darn Good Fertilizer is unique among organic fertilizers in that it contains both quick release and slow release sources of nitrogen (N). This provides an immediate benefit to vegetable gardens by providing available N at the time of application. Equally important is the continual availability of the slower release forms of N during the entire growing season. Unlike chemical fertilizers that are likely to leach away from the plant, Darn Good Fertilizer’s physical composition allows it to stay in the root zone longer. Other nutrients provided are phosphorous, potash, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. Also contains humic acids, kelp and mychorrhizae.

Great Big Plants Natural Compost Extract is designed to optimize soil ecology and increase fertilizer efficiency, all to help plants grow better and produce more vegetables. Ingredients include essential micronutrients, trace minerals, seaweed, humic acid, and proprietary microbes, all in one easy-to-apply concentrate. Great Big Plants is compatible with all fertilizers, but works especially well with our Darn Good Fertilizer. In 2012 tests at Fresno State, on vegetables grown with Great Big Plants compost extract, plant mass was 53% greater for basil and was 20% greater for peppers when using Great Big Plants liquid compost extract and an organic fertilizer versus using organic fertilizer alone.

So whether you are growing lettuce or squash, whether at home or in a community garden our formula offers long lasting results for your garden. Eat or share the product you harvest with confidence knowing that it’s all grown naturally. Then, use it again to restore the nutrients in the soil for the next growing season.