Ancient Liquid Humate

Ancient Liquid Humate

Ancient Liquid Humate soil conditioner is a bioavailable concentrate containing liquid humic acids and kelp that improves soil structure, nutrient uptake, and conditions related to root growth.


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Benefits to plants, trees, turf and soil include:

  • Optimizes soil for a healthy root system.
  • Increases bio-available carbon in the root zone.
  • Increases carbon-to-nitrogen ratio; improves nitrogen uptake.
  • Increases uptake of other key nutrients; improves fertilizer efficiency.
  • Improves soil structure and water holding capacity.
  • Revitalizes tired soil.
  • Increases population of beneficial microbes.
  • Acts as a pH buffer, and improves nutrient availability in pH poor soils.
  • Organic Certified.

Great for Turf

Our liquid humic acid is used on dozens of golf courses to boost turf growth. Bio-available carbon helps improve nitrogen uptake which encourages greener, healthier turf.

Add to Tree Feedings

Supplement tree fertilizers with Ancient Liquid Humate to improve nutrient uptake.


Mix 1 cup (8 fl. oz) of Ancient Liquid Humate with 5 cups of water. Apply 1 pint of mixture per plant or shrub and 1 quart of mixture per tree. Apply every 2 months.

Hose-end sprayer – apply at 1 quart of Ancient Liquid Humate to cover 1,000 square feet of turf. Apply monthly during growing season.

Ancient Liquid Humate has a high pH before dilution. Do not mix directly with acid solutions.