In Flagstaff I have been picking ripe tomatoes nearly every day.  The “Kellogs Breakfast” and “Black Carbon” have been the most numerous lately.  The “Stupice” have slowed down.  The “Cherokee Green” has numerous fruit on the plant, but none have ripened yet. Plants are still healthy and growing tall, ranging from 6 ft to 6ft 10in tall measured from the containers’ soil level on September 2.

flagstafftom3 flagstafftom2

flagstafftom1As we will soon be approaching the end of our season here at 7000 ft, it is time to encourage ripening of the fruit rather than promoting vigorous plant growth.  To do this I will stop fertilizing and cut the watering in half.  It is time to be closely watching weather forecasts and to be prepared to protect the plants at night with cloth (NOT PLASTIC) covers if a light frost threatens.


flagstafftom4Meanwhile I am thoroughly enjoying the fruits of my labor, so to speak.





Contributed by Jim Mast