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It’s the first week of June and temperatures have been consistently in the upper 70’s to mid 80’s by day and low-to-mid-40’s at night, at least for the last two weeks.  The average date for the last frost in Flagstaff is not until June 10th to 14, so the possibility for some errant frost still does exist.  My normal instincts would have me leave the “Walls-O-Water” on my tomato plants until at least then, but they’ve topped the rims of the “Walls” so I’m going for it!  (If a forecast were to predict a possible night of frost, I can always throw a towel over the tomato cages.

blog #9 photo 2I carefully squeeze from about the mid-point of each “Wall” about as much water as I can, slowly, so it waters the plant.  This makes each “Wall” lighter and more manageable.  Then, I carefully (to not injure any branches) lift each one up and off the plant and VOILA!  My little beauties are now fully exposed to the sun and elements. I have assembled, then added the second tier of cages for growth height–later, the third tier will be added.

Contributed by Jim Mast